About Us

The Perfect Fit Consignment Boutique is your one-stop-shop for gently used brand name and designer goods.  

At The Perfect Fit, we believe that fashion should be affordable, fresh and modern. We also believe that stylish, quality clothes deserve a second chance at a life outside your closet.  

Locally owned and operated, TPF specializes in mint condition, carefully curated clothing and accessories for women on consignment. In addition to our high end selection, we aim to offer a fun, unique atmosphere for shoppers and consignees alike.

Our vision:

  • to help women of all ages and walks of life boost their self confidence through a kickin’ wardrobe
  • to offer Eco-friendly options to traditional shopping
  • to provide fantastic deals to shoppers
  • to help you empty your closets and make some money on those nearly new items that you don’t currently wear